Ufabetsg is not only an influential brand in Asia, but also in the Singapore market, it is also one of the leading prestigious names. Ufabetsg has only entered the Singapore market for a while but has left a very strong impression on the hearts of Singapore gamers.

Having achieved unexpected success, Ufabetsg has been voted as one of the leading prestigious and professional bookmakers in Singapore during many years of operation. With that as the foundation, Ufabetsg began to expand the market and orient its development to the whole world.

Ufabetsg.com is known as a online casino in Singapore with a variety of games, where players will be able to bet on football, cockfight or virtual sports...Not only that, the extremely fun bonus games that Ufabetsg brings to users such as exploding jars, shooting fish, lottery or Keno…

Today, we want to introduce to all players one of the most favourite slots is 5 Lucky Lions Slot Game.

You have little money but still want to try your hand at betting games? Do you want to have fun while earning money? No concept of chance in mind and you always want to use your strength to conquer difficult games? 5 Lucky Lions is the place for you to show off your abilities. This is a real money exchange slot game of the famous Casino Ufabetsg.


What is 5 Lucky Lions Slot?

The game is bold with oriental culture with eye-catching colors and interface. Besides, there are symbols and many bonuses that bring many winning opportunities for players.

The game 5 Lucky Lions, also known as the game "Happy Lions" is a betting game with 88 fixed paylines for 88 coins, the bet line is paid out when appearing continuously from the outer left reel. same to the right.

Wild symbol

Wild substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter symbol.











Scatter symbol

Scatter wins are added to line wins.

Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet.

Scatter pays any.











High winning symbols






Red Unicorn 





Pink Unicorn 





Yellow Unicorn 





Purple Unicorn 





Green Unicorn 





Low winning symbols




































Free Plays

The Pick Bonus feature is activated when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere.

Choose Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple or Blue unicorn  to get 8,10,12,15 or 18 free games respectively.

The selected unicorn is the only unicorn selected in the free game and all other orchids are removed from the reels.

Before each free game, 4 of the selected unicorn symbols are added to cascade on a random axis.

Free game is played at the bet level of the active game.

The feature cannot be reactivated. 

Other Rules

Play fixed 88 lines for 88 coins.

Winning lines are paid out if they appear continuously from the leftmost reel to the right.

Highest win in each line.

Winnings on different lines will be cumulative.

Line wins are multiplied by the bet per line. 


The game 5 lucky lions is mentioned by gamers because of its attractiveness. When playing the game 5 lucky as well as other online games, you just need to use a playing device that is connected to the internet such as a smartphone, ipad, computer,... to play. This is a game that the followers of eastern culture cannot afford to miss.

Miner Donkey Trouble
How To Play Miner Donkey Trouble At Online Casino

Gogbetsg has long been known as the number 1 online casino in Singapore. Gogbetsg has always been trusted and loved by millions of players because it always offers a lot of interesting betting games and valuable bonuses. And today we will introduce to you a game that is Miner Donkey Trouble.

What Is The Miner Donkey Trouble Slot?

Miner Donkey Trouble is a recently released game from the publisher Play'N GO. Miner Donkey Trouble - Miner's trouble trick. Players have a chance to win up to 10,000x total stake. Let's learn how to play this exploding jar game in the following article.

Game Overview

  • Slot Name: Miner Donkey Trouble

  • Software: Play N Go

  • RTP: 96.27%

  • Paylines: 5

  • Reels: 7

  • Min Bet : $0.20

  • Max Bet: $100

  • Top Win: 10000

  • Features: Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds, Clusters, Turbo Spin , Symbol Collection, Colossal Symbols, Bonus Meter.

Lord Merlin's Winning Lines

Miner Donkey Trouble spin game, the winning line will be calculated by a combination of 5 adjacent symbols.

In case there are multiple winning lines on the same payline, only the winning line with the highest payout is counted. When something goes wrong, all bonuses and plays will be forfeited.

Miner Donkey Trouble Special Icons

Diamond Universal Symbol

Substitutes for all symbols except Golden Nugget, Miner's Pickaxe and Dynamite Scatter to form a winning line.

Random Mega Symbol

On any spin, up to two diamond wilds or a 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 gem/stone multi symbol will be added to the grid.

Special Features

Miner's Pickaxe

Activated by collecting Miner's Pickaxes. When activated, the player will add 4 - 10 diamond wilds to the grid.

Golden Nugget

The player collects the Golden Nugget from the bottom row. Each Golden Nugget increases the Multiplier by +1. Multiplier applies to any winning cluster. Players continue to collect Golden Nugget to increase the Multiplier.

Donkey Destruction

Players earn winning clusters to feed Donkey the donkey, freeing Donkey Destruction to help collect the Golden Nugget.

Free Spins

When a player detonates 3 Dynamite Scatter in a single spin, they are rewarded with 5 free spins, up to a maximum of 20. Dynamite Scatter will detonate on the grid, removing all surrounding gem and stone symbols and adding 2 diamond wilds. The Multiplier value from the main round is carried over to the free spins and will not be reset between each free spin.


Join Miner Donkey Trouble now to find great luck in every spin. Experience exciting special features and lucky gifts from the miner's troublesome sheep. and if you want to experiment with more game genres with more attractive themes. Come to Gogbetsg Online Casino Singapore gogbetsg.com


How To Play Cricket At CMD368 Bookmaker

Cricket is a popular sport in the world. In the game with two participating teams, players will use sticks to hit the ball, each team has 11 players, the field is round. Currently this sport is added to online betting, and is joined by many players. So how attractive is Cricket, let's follow the article below with CMD368 bookmaker.

Rules Cricket Betting At CMD368

  • Player's bets will stand as long as the venue is not changed from home to the opponent's field.

  • If it is an international test site, it can still be changed as long as the new location is still in the same country. The bet is still valid.

  • Players bet and are paid based on the number of points of the named batting player. https://www.gogbetsg.com/cmd368/ will not count the extra points scored when the player is hitting the ball in the total score in the game.

How To Play Cricket At CMD368 Bookmaker:

  • Cricket vs County Championship

Based on the official result of the match, if at least one ball is delivered, bets will stand. All bets on the winning team will be void in case of Tie. If Draw bet in 1x2 will be counted as a loss.

  • Tie And Draw :

If the match ends and the two teams have the same number of points or in Japanese Singles Cricket the required number of rounds have been played, the result is Tie.

If either team does not complete the number of games by the last game of the schedule, the result is counted as a Draw. Draw only applies in First Class Cricket.

All bets are settled on the official result if the match is postponed due to rain or whatever.

“Battler Scores”, “Game Scores”, “Battlers”, all take effect regardless of the half time of Test Cricket matches. All player bets are void if the match is abandoned due to other reasons.

Cricket Bet And Cricket Twenty20: 

In  Cricket, if the match is affected by weather or external factors, bets will be settled according to the official competition rules.

All winning team results will be forfeited if the match ends in a Tie or Draw and the official result or official competition rules do not determine which team will win. Usually tournaments will use extra time to determine the winner.

Bets on Total", "Highest Opening Partnership", "Batteries" and "Serving Player" bets are void if the Duckworth Lewis method is applied. If no cancellation is desired, the result is determined before the D/L method is applied by CMD368.

On the scheduled date for the Cricket  match, if a new coin is tossed, all bets on the last 45 minutes before the official start time will be void.

Type Of Betting Cricket At CMD368 Bookmaker:

  • Champion Bets.

  • Bet 1×2. 

  • Bet on the winning team. 

  • Bet:  Win coin toss

  • Bet Best Player. 

  • Bet with the most  4 points.

  • Bet with the most 6 points.

  • The team that touches the border the most

  • The most combined points. 

  • How to knock down the first pillar.

  • Next eliminated player

  • Bet the points from the first ball.

  • Total score of 4 teams.

  • Total score of 6 teams. 

  • Total touchdowns.

  • The total point is scored by the team.

  • Predict and bet on the team has the most points in X innings

  • Points for the first round of 2-way bets

  • Highest score first innings. 

  • The team is eliminated

  • Best Kicker of the Match

  • Bet on points in the innings X – 2 way bet

  • Bet on points in innings X – 3-way bet

  • Total Score Bet – Two-way bet.

  • Total Points – 2 -way (Player) Bet.

  • Kicker  scores 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 Points.

  • Predict how to be eliminated. 

  • Predict the total score of the match – Even/Odd.

  • Innings 1 – Even / Odd

  • The most times ofWides in the Match. 

  • Total Wides Of Match.

  • Total Run Outs Of Match.

  • The most Stumpings in Match.

  • Total Stumpings Of Match.

  • The most Ducks in Match.

  • Total Ducks Of The Match.

  • Lead Of First Time. 

  • Scores In 2 ways (or 3 ways). 


Above is the entire introduction to the Cricket game at CMD368. In addition, players can also bet on other sports games at bookmaker. CMD368 is always welcome, welcome players to bookmaker!